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Think your Website is Cutting it in the Insurance World? Think Again!

In a recent article by NASDAQ, a study found that, “60 percent of the time, customers comparing quotes on two carrier websites chose the insurer with the better site, even if it is quoted at a higher price”. With that being said, where do you rank?

You may not know it, but poor website presence will scare your customers away. The internet is constantly upgrading itself, and yes, it’s hard to keep up with, but let the experts do that for you. Today, the most important aspects of a “modern day website” comes down to two main features; mobile responsiveness and optimization for search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). We are in an era where the customer turns to the web to find what they need and if insurers turn away from the idea of providing an easy “online shopping” experience, it could be detrimental.

Your website is based on one main factor – presence. When visiting a website, a consumer has certain needs; easy navigation, direct access to what they are looking for, and easy to understand content. Insurers need to make sure that their websites are giving the consumer exactly what they want – simple, easy to use service.

Although it’s hard to admit, Insurance Network News said it first, “Insurers and consumers seem to disagree about what a website should focus on, and nowadays, the consumer is always right”. Whose side are you on?

If you’re looking at your current website wondering if it needs an upgrade, it probably does. At Stratosphere we’ve got you covered! Our creative crew will guide you through the simple process of creating a beautifully crafted site that is responsive, easy to use, modern, and most of all optimized for search. Remember, less is more… let’s make your site unbeatable.

Saferoad Insurance

Welcome Saferoad Insurance in Long Beach to ‘The Sphere’!

Stratosphere Marketing Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our latest website and would like to welcome Saferoad Insurance to ‘The Sphere’!

Our creative team has been hard at work putting together this amazing site, and we could not be happier with the results! In just 4 weeks our team was able to design, develop, and launch this innovative, user friendly website.

Saferoad Insurance’s website includes a variety of new features, including:

     Stick Menu – the user can scroll through the site without ever navigating away from the main menu. This allows for easy access through the site, and your company’s services will always be visible and accessible to the user.

     Revolution Slider – an updated slider that consists of multiple layers that move individually, giving a feel of interaction and depth.

As one of our Platinum members, we will also be working with Saferoad Insurance’s SEO rankings, you will be seeing them on the 1st page of Google for their area soon – stay tuned!

It is important to remember that in a world where people spend most of their time online, a standard website just won’t cut it. Over 75% of consumers will visit a company’s website before making a purchase. As a result, more consumers are making their purchasing decisions based on their online experience so the appearance and functionality of a website are more important than ever.

You should think of your website as an extension of your business- does your web presence match your office vibe? First impressions are made online so you want to be sure to wow customers the first chance you get!

Interested in a new website build, or just a “facelift” to create that wow factor? Give us a call!

Welcome Saferoad Insurance in Long Beach to ‘The Sphere’!

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We welcomed some more friends to “The Sphere” this week!

We just launched a few new members websites here at Stratosphere this week. and wanted to formally welcome them!

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