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Stratosphere Marketing Solutions at it Again!


We recently took on a project that is out of our element when designing a website. Sure, insurance and real estate seem to be our “forte” (that’s not to say we won’t work with any industry) but this website was something Thomas Ward Insurance Group envisioned and we put our own twist on it.

The digital marketing and internet world is constantly evolving and our team of talented designers and developers thrive when given new projects.  Alright alright, you may be asking… what’s so great about this website? What’s so different? Literally everything, and here’s why:

  • Parallax scroll – Let me break it down for you…This is a new web design trend where the background moving at a slower rate creates a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. In spite a subtle element of depth
  • Revolution Slider– This is a premium slider provided through WordPress. A slider that will not kill your page load time, and makes your site more attractive.
  • Retina ready website –Without getting too techy, this means that your Retina display iPads, phones, tablets, TVs, pagers, microwaves… (jk) devices show more pixels per square inch, resulting in sharper images.
  • Easy navigation – get what you’re looking for…quicker! Even on your mobile devices.
  • Inviting and professional color – no more dull, boring colors. This site is vibrant, but not overwhelming.
  • Visual Composer –This a drag and drop frontend and backend page builder that will save you tons of time. Unless you’re working in the backend… leave this part to us…
  • Ajax page transitions – Do you like that attention grabbing, illusion effect? There’s your answer…
  • Optimized for speed… this isn’t a DSL world anymore, so why have your site speed slow? We optimize for a lightspeed loading time…AKA barely any load time.

With all the positive feedback for this site, we are truly blown away with Mark Minjares’s (Creative Project Manager) work. Our team can tackle any website vision you may have! Contact us today for more about your website… let’s drive those leads.



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Think your Website is Cutting it in the Insurance World? Think Again!

In a recent article by NASDAQ, a study found that, “60 percent of the time, customers comparing quotes on two carrier websites chose the insurer with the better site, even if it is quoted at a higher price”. With that being said, where do you rank?

You may not know it, but poor website presence will scare your customers away. The internet is constantly upgrading itself, and yes, it’s hard to keep up with, but let the experts do that for you. Today, the most important aspects of a “modern day website” comes down to two main features; mobile responsiveness and optimization for search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). We are in an era where the customer turns to the web to find what they need and if insurers turn away from the idea of providing an easy “online shopping” experience, it could be detrimental.

Your website is based on one main factor – presence. When visiting a website, a consumer has certain needs; easy navigation, direct access to what they are looking for, and easy to understand content. Insurers need to make sure that their websites are giving the consumer exactly what they want – simple, easy to use service.

Although it’s hard to admit, Insurance Network News said it first, “Insurers and consumers seem to disagree about what a website should focus on, and nowadays, the consumer is always right”. Whose side are you on?

If you’re looking at your current website wondering if it needs an upgrade, it probably does. At Stratosphere we’ve got you covered! Our creative crew will guide you through the simple process of creating a beautifully crafted site that is responsive, easy to use, modern, and most of all optimized for search. Remember, less is more… let’s make your site unbeatable.

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