Is Your Insurance Agency Marketing to Millennials?, appeal to the millennial generation

Is Your Insurance Agency Marketing to Millennials?

Learn how your company can appeal to the millennial generation.

Regardless of how you personally feel about millennials, they are becoming a major market force.  That’s why it’s so important for your business to tap into this potential customer base.  But how can your insurance company appeal to the millennial generation?  Here are some pointers for you to consider.

Millennials Want to Stand for Something

While your goal is to sell insurance services, millennials have other priorities beyond simply buying something.  That’s why it’s vital that your company really sells its core values.  Millennials want to support companies that stand for more than a profit, so make sure you highlight how your business gives back to and supports the local community and beyond.  Demonstrating that your company has values and truly cares for its customers and community will really attract millennials to your business.

Millennials Want Authenticity and Truth

The quickest way to turn off a millennial is by being inauthentic and pandering to them.  If you attempt to manipulate them or stretch the truth, then your company will lose a millennial’s trust and could be branded as opportunistic and sleazy.  Keep in mind that millennials are the most connected generation in history, so one bad review or lost customer can quickly turn into a huge problem for your business.  Make sure your business is honest about its offerings and, if caught in a lie, issue a sincere apology.  Owning up to any mistakes will go a long way in the eyes of a millennial.

Millennials Want Online Visibility

As previously mentioned, millennials are one of the most connected generations ever, and the Internet and social media play a huge role in this interconnectedness.  Millennials are constantly online and this is why your business needs to have a strong digital presence.  Even if you have a website, blog, or social media account for your business, this visibility will not translate into more customers unless it is visually attractive and user friendly.  Remember, a millennial will move on very quickly if they do not like what they see on their screen.

Keep these suggestions in mind as your insurance company attempts to appeal to the millennial generation.  If you find that your business is struggling to attract younger customers, then turn to the experts as GTK Analytics.  From eye-catching custom website designs to written content that appeals to your audience, our dedicated team is ready to meet all your digital marketing needs.  Contact us to get started today!

Marketing Mistakes Focus Less on Your Company

Insurance Marketing Mistakes – Focus Less on Your Company and More on the Consumer

Pay attention to your word choice when writing a marketing piece so you can appeal to the consumer.

Don’t underestimate the power of words. They yield great power in helping you effectively communicate with your customers. When it comes to your marketing strategy, your word choice can make a huge impact on how the content is received. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made when writing a marketing piece is focusing too much on your company and not enough on the consumer. When you focus too much on your company, you alienate the customer, rendering your marketing campaign less effective. Find yourself making these types of mistakes? Learn how to fix this marketing no-no with these tips.

The Power of Inclusive Language.

It’s only natural to talk about the services that you offer when marketing your business. However, it’s important that you’re careful about your word choices. Too many “we”s or “our”s can be a turn off to consumers. Instead, focus on incorporating more “you”s and “your”s.

Make Consumers Feel Important.

The key to great marketing is focusing on your customer. Making your customers feel important. Your marketing should be focused on the customer to help them feel appreciated. Ensure that your content is relevant and informative and directed toward your consumers’ needs.

Review Your Content.

Ensure that your marketing strategies are working effectively. Review a few pieces of your marketing content and evaluate how well the content appeals to the consumer. Consider the language used, and whether there’s room for improvement so that you can tailor your marketing tactics to your consumer.

When it comes to maximizing your insurance marketing strategy, remember to pay attention to word choice and focus on the consumer. For help producing the right inclusive language for your content, contact us at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions. Our team offers you the best digital marketing services. From original blog content to custom websites, we’re your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Contact us today!

Why Insurance Content Marketing is a Must for Your Marketing Strategy

Learn Why Insurance Content Marketing is a Must for Your Marketing Strategy

Find out how insurance content marketing can help your agency.

As a growing business, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy. You need to market your goods and services to bring in business. With ever increasing technology, digital platforms have become commonplace for marketing practices. However, gone are the days for traditional ads. Instead, trends have shifted to content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy that produces relevant, informative information to your target audience. It’s proved to be an effective strategy, especially when it comes to the insurance industry. Learn why insurance content marketing is important.

Offers Informative Information.

Consumers today, often find advertisements a nuisance. From pop-up blockers to special subscriptions that have fewer commercials, many consumers try to opt out of getting advertisements if possible. The key to getting consumers to pay attention is by offering engaging and informative content that consumers want to read. That’s where content marketing comes in. You’re offering information that consumers want to read to help give them informative content about the insurance industry.

Useful Tool for Consumers.

Content marketing provides valuable information about insurance to consumers. Your consumers are then able to use this information to make decisions about what sorts of services that they need. Content marketing offers valuable information that can then be used to make purchasing decisions.

Quality Over Quantity.

When it comes to maximizing the content that you offer on your website, it’s important that it’s relevant information. The more relevant and informative the information, the better able consumers can find answers to questions.

Publish informative information on your website and social media platforms to improve your business’s marketing strategy. Our team at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions offers you the best content marketing services. From original blog content to custom websites, we’re your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Contact us today!

Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Facebook Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Marketing tips for insurance agents that ensure likes, shares, and clicks.

In this day and age of instant gratification, clicks, likes, and shares, marketing for insurance agencies has shifted dramatically. From advertising in the local paper to setting up local digital targeting, businesses have had to keep up with the times. With over 1.44 billion (yes, that is a ‘b’), Facebook is the largest social media network online today. Certain marketing tips for insurance agents allow your business to target and reach the right market.

Look Professional

Always create a company/business page – and make it professional while you’re at it! Spend a bit of time setting up your profile, making sure that your cover and profile photo aren’t blurry or irrelevant. Nothing says ‘I can’t work technology’ like a poorly created page. Not only that, but it’ll turn potential clients away to someone else with a cohesive page.

Utilize Ads

Facebook allows your business to target people based on location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviors, and connections. Finally, you can target your ads to reach people in your local area or nationwide!

It’s All Relevant

Maybe you like that funny cat video, and you could be tempted to share it on your business Facebook page, but is it relevant? Sure, being liked is a big part of selling a product, but keeping content cohesive is essential for attracting potential clients. Facebook allows you to measure your page’s engagement so that you can see what posts were the most ‘liked.’

If these Facebook marketing tips for insurance agents sounds like too much to set up and maintain, don’t panic! You can contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California to have a digital marketing expert support – or even manage – your Facebook business page. Call us today to learn more!

independent insurance agent

David & Goliath: How the Independent Insurance Agent Can Compete with Major Carriers

If you’re an independent insurance agent sick of losing business to the internet, arm yourself for competition with this guide.

What do we want? Everything! When do we want it? Now! The world is getting increasingly faster paced, and even instant gratification might not feel fast enough. How is the independent insurance agent supposed to keep up? Can you compete with the major carriers with their digital platforms and huge workforce behind them? Yes! You absolutely can. Use these tools to stand up to the big guy and come out the victor.

  • Be personal. The number one thing you have that the major carriers don’t is the ability to go deep. While the carriers have thousands of clients who have to reach out to them to get any kind of service, you have the luxury of real relationships. Get to know your clients. Wish them a happy birthday. Suggest an annual review, then actually follow up on it. Reach out periodically to see if your insureds have any questions about their coverage. Help them hunt for discounts. Personalizing your service makes your clients feel valued. After your high level of care, the automated world of buying insurance online will feel cold and foreign.
  • Be accessible. That being said, automation is a major draw of buying coverage through one of the big carriers. People can go straight to their website and immediately get a quote. Then, once a policy is written, they can usually access it online. In our busy world, having digital access to the things you need at the moment you need them is huge. Make sure you’re offering the easiest access possible to your clients. If you can set up an online portal for them, great! If not, consider giving them a 24/7 number to call so they can get the information they need in the event of an emergency. Make your clients feel like it’s just as easy to get information from you as it would be from a major carrier’s website, and you can stay competitive in the modern age.
  • Be proud. Quite often, when people choose one of the major insurance companies over an independent agent, it’s because of size. They know for a fact that national carrier can pay their claim, but do they know that you can? They should! Invest some time and energy in marketing your company and what makes it great. Make it easy for people to feel confident in you. Ask for testimonials from happy clients and put them all over your website and social media profiles. The word of others who feel safe with your services will go a long way towards legitimizing you.

Being personal, accessible, and proud will take some time. Don’t worry! We can help. Put an expert team behind you, and we’ll put our expertise and resources to work. Stratosphere Marketing Solutions specializes in serving the independent insurance agent. We’re here to help you successfully market your business without giving up much of your time or energy. Call our team in Westlake Village, California today!

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