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Recent Website Launches from GTK Analytics!

The Latest Website Launches at GTK Analytics

When a potential client comes to us looking for a new or redesigned website, it’s always exciting to imagine what we’ll come up with, how the design will progress, and how the site will function. It’s even more exciting when the site launches. This has certainly been true for the following website that we recently launched.

Pittman Insurance Group

The insurance industry is one that we have continued to specialize in this year. Many of our website launches have been insurance agents and agencies looking to ramp up their book of business through digital marketing. Our understanding of what makes each insurance agency unique as well as their vision and values helps us to create a successful school website.

Pittman Insurance Group is comprised of hard-working individuals that develop trusting relationships with their clients. For this reason, we knew that we needed to design a website that showed this to the visitor immediately. Parallax scrolling, a sticky header, and large visual images create a sense of professionalism as well as ease of navigation. The YouTube video and their ethics approach statement were embedded below the opening image on the homepage, showing a face behind the company to create a sense of familiarity. Complete with buckets of their summarized services, we feel that this website successfully conveys what Pittman Insurance Group can offer.


Northeastern Group Ltd

With the Northeastern Group Ltd website, we paid special attention to detail to their mission statement and logo. “Grow with Trust” is their motto, and the colors in their logo needed to be worked into the design and structure of the website without dating it unnecessarily. Halfway down their homepage is where we placed what makes Northeastern Group stand apart from the rest. Along with a sticky menu that follows the user down the page, summarized services, and contact information in the footer, this clean website makes it user-friendly and engaging.

Due to their clients varying across all generations, there were accessibility standards we knew we needed to meet. In addition to rigorously testing the mobile-responsive site design to keeping the text minimal and clear, this clean site clearly shows Northeastern Group’s qualities.

As well as our significant website launches, we have continued to provide marketing support to current and new customers. What’s more, our comprehensive SEO strategies have proven valuable to our clients, continuing to increase their leads and profits.

Our team of experts is here to help with your insurance agency web design needs. In addition, we provide top-tier insurance agency marketing services so that your business has the best chance of online success. Call GTK Analytics in to get started at (818) 338-6700.

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How Email Marketing Can Help Grow Your Insurance Agency

Try out these email marketing suggestions for your insurance agency.

While online trends are constantly changing, the use of email has been one of the few things that remains constant.  In fact, over a third of the world’s population consistently uses email to communicate, sending over 205 billion messages every day.  With such a large percentage of people using email, tapping into this potential client base is a no brainer.  But how can your insurance agency attract new customers over email?  Here are some of the smart email marketing tactics that you should know.

  • Make Emails Optional

First, it’s important that your agency’s marketing messages are reaching interested parties.  The best way to ensure that your recipients actually want to receive emails is by giving potential clients the option to opt in or out of email communications.  An easy way to do this is by including links on your agency’s website that allow visitors to provide their email address to receive promotional and other marketing messages.  Once someone opts in, you should also make sure that they have the ability to opt out of the email campaign at any time.  Taking these steps will ensure that your emails are reaching interested parties without becoming an annoyance to people who are not interested in email communications.

  • Personalize Messages

Email marketing offers your agency the ability to send out specific, highly-targeted messages to interested parties.  It’s important that you take advantage of this capability by sending out personalized messages to appeal to different demographics.  By developing unique messages for your different audiences, you can keep different groups engaged and interested in your agency’s content.

  • Educate and Inform

The main goals of an email marketing campaign are to educate and inform recipients.  For instance, your email marketing campaign should be used to describe and explain the services that you offer that people may not be aware of.  Your email strategy should also keep clients informed about the newest agency news, promotions, and deals.  When correctly managed, your agency’s emails can become a trusted resource and welcome surprise in your recipients’ inboxes.

These are some of the ways that you can use email marketing to grow your insurance agency.  Are you looking for assistance with your company’s email marketing or other online marketing needs?  If so, then contact the experts at GTK Analytics.  Our dedicated team is eager to serve you today.

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Why Insurance Agents Need to Leverage the Power of Social Media

Why social media marketing is a valuable tool for insurance agents.

As an insurance agent, it can be difficult to market your services.  This is largely due to the stiff competition between agencies who are all looking to appeal to the same client pool.  The competitive nature of the insurance industry makes it necessary to stand out from the other agencies in your area.  But how can you get a leg up on your competition?  Well, launching a successful social media marketing campaign is a great way to increase your visibility and engage with your target audience.  Here are some of the things that insurance agents can do to make the most of social media.

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

While there are countless social media platforms out there, not all of them are ideal for your social media marketing campaign.  This is why insurance agents need to choose which platforms they want to focus their marketing strategies on.  Experts recommend focusing your efforts on these four platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Employ the Right Marketing Strategies for Each Platform

Every social media platform is different; therefore, you cannot use the same marketing tactic across different platforms.  To appeal to a specific social media platform’s audience, you need to leverage the platform’s strengths in your marketing campaign.  For instance, on Facebook, you can run paid ads as well as post images and videos on personal and business accounts.  Meanwhile, on a platform like LinkedIn, long-form written content performs better than images and short posts.

Post Consistently and Frequently

The key to any successful social media marketing campaign is the creation of fresh content.  Because social media is fast-moving and new ads and content are constantly being added, you need to post frequently to ensure that your agency remains visible.  While it’s time-consuming, it’s vital to post new content consistently and frequently to ensure that your insurance agency is actually reaching and appealing to interested parties.

These are some of the things that insurance agents can do to manage a successful social media marketing campaign.  Want to leverage the power of social media, but not sure where to start?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics.  We are your one-stop-shop for all your insurance digital marketing needs.

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How an Insurance Agency Can Deal with Fake Google Reviews

Fake Google Reviews – How to Handle Them as an Insurance Agent

Even though Google works hard to fix their anti-spam algorithm, online studies suggest that half of Google reviews are either bogus or not written by genuine customers. Google reviews are considered helpful for the massive consumer base using Google, which means that fake, poor reviews can negatively impact your insurance agency. The situation can be even worse for insurance agents who do not have many reviews to start with. If you fall victim to a fake Google review, here’s how to handle it.

  • Don’t let your emotions respond

Untrue or potentially defamatory reviews make agency owners want to scream the roof down. However, if you start responding with your emotions in full swing, it’s not going to reflect well. Imagine if a prospective insurance shopper sees your angry response. They could interpret it as being unprofessional, and it can make you look guilty because you’re not keeping calm. If your first impulse is to send an angry response, sleep on it.

  • Flag it

Fake reviews are frustrating – but usually easy to spot. A suspicious username and no profile photo are two tell-tale signs it is fake. There will be a little flag symbol next to the review. Tap it to “Report review” and then enter your email and select the appropriate violation type using Google’s review policy as a guideline. Ask your employees, friends, and family to flat the review as well.

  • Submit a legal request of removal

After some time, if flagging doesn’t work, you have the option of submitting a legal request for removal. Google will ask you to cite specific provisions of law, so it’s wise to consider consulting a legal professional before submitting this request.

  • Respond

If all the above fails – or you want a quicker solution – the next best option is to respond. Keep your response objective and to the point.

  • Pump up your ratings

If you do receive a negative review that you didn’t think was deserved, ask for more reviews! Contact current and previous clients, suppliers, and partners, asking them to leave you feedback. If you receive an influx of positive reviews, they will outshine the negative ones.

Are you ready to get started on your insurance agency’s marketing? If so, then contact the experts at GTK Analytics. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your web design, SEO, content creation, and other digital marketing needs today.

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How Dedicated Landing Pages Generate More Insurance Leads

How Landing Pages Can Improve Your Insurance Agency’s Traffic 

Running any an insurance agency is a very tough, dynamic, and highly competitive endeavor. But It can also be highly rewarding. The same can be said about your website – it can be somewhat tricky for individuals to figure out how to use it properly and how to manage it. What many businesses don’t realize is that landing pages can help to drive reliable traffic to the website. Here’s how.

What is a landing page?

Your website – and any website – can be segmented into three types of pages: The homepage, click through pages, and landing pages. If you are missing one of these types, you could be missing out on some viewers and conversions. All these pages need to be incorporated into your sales funnel to gain leads and then clients. If any of these pages are not optimized, potential conversions will fall through the cracks and leave your website.

A landing page can be used to collect personal information from potential customers, such as email addresses, names, and phone numbers. This information can then be used to turn prospects into regular clients.

Why do I need a landing page?
Even if you have a contact page, your business needs a landing page. Although contact pages may generate leads or inquiries, it rarely happens. Visitors rarely visit the contact page organically, and advertisements campaigns that bring traffic to your contact page are usually a waste of time – the simple reason being that contact pages don’t convert as well as landing pages.

How does it generate more leads?
When someone visits your site, they may simply click through your pages and then move onto another website. This happens because you’re not giving them a reason to stay on your site. People need to be told what to do. If your website doesn’t provide the information that they’re looking for – quickly – they will most likely leave. Here’s where landing pages come in to ensure they move through your site and encourage them to enter their details to get in touch with your business.

Landing pages are used to drive specific guests to your website. Creating a niche landing page will help to improve marketing efforts. For example, if you’re building a landing page for millennial buyers. Nowadays people are busier than ever, so keep it short and compelling. Subheadings can be used to segment answers to specific issues that millennials face when buying insurance. By providing information that millennials are looking for, your business has a better chance of being trusted by that demographic.

Are you ready to get started on your insurance agency’s landing pages? If so, then contact the experts at GTK Analytics.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your web design, SEO, content creation, and other digital marketing needs today.

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